♱Meishu, she/her Kurololitagender, born 9/17/2008, your local puff puff/zeeteem simp, bisexual/poly, goth/metalhead. my fave music genres are progressive rock, black metal, grindcore, nu metal, and classic rock♱
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THE MOST METAL PERSON YOU'VE EVER HEARD ON NG BESIDES DRUNKGECKO ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾⋆⁺₊⋆ ♱⋰ ⋱✮ ☾✞⚰️💀🕸🌹𝕸𝖊𝖎𝖘𝖍𝖚🌹🕸💀⚰️✞☾. ...................... (May-shoo) @VampireMeishu917

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Zombie apocalypse

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What are 4 interesting facts about you

Posted by VampireMeishu917 - June 29th, 2022

I'll start first

4. I was introduced to metal when I was born

3. I am 1% emo 3% scene 86% metalhead and 10% goth

2. My top 5 bands are korn, Avenged sevenfold, dark funeral, Mayhem, and system of a down

1. I'm Norwegian/dutch American

Edit: I am 1% emo 3% scene 76% metalhead and 10% goth and 10% alt



1. i saw porn at age 4

2. i worked on an fnf mod once

3. i used to listen to people on the radio talk because back then i had no friends to meet up with

4. i have a bit of russian, german, and french in my dna

1. I’m Irish - Scottish - Italian American
2. I was Also Introduced to Metal when I was Younger (lol)
3. I can dislocate my Thumbs ig
4. I’ve broken The Same bone 5 - 6 times :,)

@InfernoMeteor Last Time There was Germans in France and Russia it didn’t go so well

1: I'm mexican/beaner.
2: I used to be happier.
3: My family is the biggest where I live.
4: I'm no one in particular.

1. I’m Greek American
2. My parents have a restaurant and 2 food trucks
3.I have Neanderthal dna from my fathers side
4.I’m double jointed in my left thumb
5.(bonus) been fucked up since 2nd grade

1. I'm a furry
2. I'm a Black American
3. I'm Autistic
4. I hate insects (especially spiders and bees)

I drink.
I shitpoast.
I like metal, and the less true, the better.
And I consider using your DNA to determine which group you belong to some fucking Nazi bullshit.

@LaYashi lies!

1-i started to play horror games when i was 6 n i still do it
2-i love to sculpt some shit with clay
3-i broke the same leg 3 times
4-i love spaghetti very much so i eat it almost every day

I wish it was lies, but I could use some more dopamine.

@LaYashi yea
u will never be nobody for me
and sorry if ima annoying cuz talking about you too much good shit ur just a nice guy

Nurm, i like to show people my good and bad sides, I wanna show people I care more than anyone else, I wanna show them how human I am.
That's all I've wanted to feel, kind and happy.

@LaYashi well if u want to then go ahead
ima not stopping you
for now i just don't see anything bad in ya

You will Nurm, but I will try my best to stay good for you and my pals! ^u^

@LaYashi huh well'see :)

1: im a dumbass that likes to draw
2: i have a thousand of OCs
3: i have a trollface and mickey brainrot
4:im behind you

Why are you in my walls?!


Bottom text

no one cares.

come be my friend uwu

@InfernoMeteor AGE 4?!?!

1. I'm british

2. I can play bass

3. When i cringe the little eard hairs on my face stand up (dont ask why)

4. I know Karate

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